My love for the modern quilt was a mystery that I wanted to analyze and figure out how to create a modern quilt. My first artistic journey started with signing up for a Craftsy class with Jacquie Gering.

After understanding how to create a modern quilt, I realized I had to have a design wall. Of course, my thought was to find a design wall. I bought the Fons and Porters 60 inch by 72 inch design wall. My husband put hooks above my studio closet.

After I received my design wall and it was hung on my closet. I dyed the fabric using Inktense blocks in many colors. After that had dried, I cut the fabric and added strips of fabric sometimes quilted to create a modern piece. I have four of these blocks that are similar however differently cut, I used my creativity to cut and piece modern blocks and placed them on my design wall.designpanel
I will continue this post as this modern quilt becomes an actual quilt.

Since I need to have a background to start working on my design wall, I am experimenting with a new technique, dying fabric using Artsy frame and lace. I sprayed blue paint onto lace patterns. I will create a new post when that is dried. Hopefully, this will work, but time will tell.


After I died the white cotton spray dyed with blue from a lace table cloth. I used the design wall to cut up into small pieces and hand pieced and free motion quilted the quilt. This quilt is completely hand dyed, pieced, and quilted by me.

To see the back of this design wall original quilt.