Feather Quilt
Feather quilt by Linda Mayforth 

Coral. Aquarium Painting 16  x 24 inches (taken from photograph) acrylic. Painted by Linda Mayforth.

Indian Summer. Indian print quilted, free form quilted, hand stitched sleeve to put dowel at top for hanging, personal label. 28 1/2 ” x 35 1/2″.  Hanging quilt or meditation quilt by Linda Mayforth.  All the material has been prewashed.

Cat Fancy. Yellow Cat Quilt, 42 inches x 52 inches, hand stitched sleeve for hanging, personal label, free form stitching, pink/green/yellow, yellow cat in middle.  Either a hanging quilt or a child’s quilt.

Table runner.  Hand painted fabric. Pieced quilt. Washable. Free form stitches. 78 inches long x 16 inches width. Created by Linda Mayforth.

Southwestern Woman Harvesting, hand stitching, intricately pieced quilt, washed fabric, hand stitched sleeve, free form stitching, detachable turquoise beaded necklace, 41 inches wide x 49 inches long, personal label in back. Created by Linda Mayforth.

Landscape Quilt. Hand painted fabrics. Free form stitches. Hand stitched sleeve in back for dowel hanging, pieced quilt, 21 inches wide x 26 inches length.

Springing Quilt. 19 inches w x 23 l, pieced quilt, hand stitched sleeve for hanging, free form stitches, personal label. Created by Linda Mayforth.

Pink/Green/Purple/Beige Free Form Pieced Quilt.  39″ x 55″ Created by Linda Mayforth. Quilt given to NMQA community quilts.

Green/Black/Red Couching with yarns and ribbons, hand stitches, decorative stitches, hand stitched sleeve for hanging. Small 11″ x 10 1/2″. Created by Linda Mayforth